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Melissanidi Distillery

Melissanidi Distillery

Melissanidi Traditional Distillery, which was established in 1924, is one of the oldest distilleries in Greece.

Nowadays, the third generation is taking advantage of the valuable knowledge, the long-standing tradition and the rare passion which have been inherited, and they combine them with best practises of modern technology, looking forward to creating products which satisfy the requirements of every palate.

Τhe procedure of the production is traditional and the recipes are secret.

Natural spring water from Kaimaktsalan mountain is the key ingredient along with other carefully selected raw materials.

The Arhontiko family is the strongest brand of the Melissanidi Distillery and consists of Ouzo and Tsipouro.


Ouzo Arhontiko bottle

Ouzo Arhontiko

Our favourite ouzo, 100%distilled, remains very fragrant and sweet, with the same recipe since 1924.

Ouzo Arhontiko produced in Almopia’s region with carefully selected anise from the land of Macedonia and specifically from Chalkidiki and Aminteo.

A total of 14 herbs and selected fruits are co-planted in small pot stills with love, care and the tradition of three generations.

The crystal waters of Kaimaktsalan springs gives the uniqueness of Ouzo Arhontiko.

Tsipouro Arhontiko bottle

Tsipouro Arhontiko

Almopia is a region with a long tradition and culture in the distillation of tsipouro.

A unique type of grape known only to this area calledamasi (or opsimoAlmopias) gives it it’s high alcohol content, which is the reason for its excellence in the distillation process.
The amass grape is white and suitable for winemaking.

The distillation takes place in small copper stills by Melissanidi family, producing the Makedonian Tsipouro Arhontiko.

LIASTO vinegar bottle

LIASTO vinegar

Whatever your everyday need, vinegar LIASTO has the flavor!

A full range of vinegar, with balsamic red from the mavrodaphne grape, balsamic white from themuscat grape, white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar from the finest grape varieties.
LIASTO vinegar is there with you for all your cuisine needs!


Telephone: 2384022286.

Address: Industrial Area Of Aridaia, Aridaia, 584 00, Greece.